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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 10/3/22 - Focus

When you started the school year you likely had goals in mind—a teacher, or two… or six, or a dozen you hoped to make a positive difference in their practice.

Look at your TimeTrack. Pick the teacher you must wanted to improve and look at the time you’ve spent. Is it enough? Is it logical to believe the time you’ve spent, and the work you’ve done with this teacher, would improve teaching and learning?

If you showed your TimeTrack chart of time spent with this teacher, to the teacher, would he/she say you have spent enough time? Would the teacher suggest you spend more time in one area or another?

Your work with teachers is complex. Sometimes, though, you can allow this to override common sense. The truth is change of teacher practice requires frequent contact/interactions. It is far more about listening and asking questions than giving direction. It relies on patience and positive support rather than criticism.

It is ironic that this is exactly the challenge teachers face when working with students.

As a leader, you can do this. Use your TimeTrack data to make the best decisions to support teacher growth. It will make you happier and help the people you serve be better.

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