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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 5/20/24 - Take Time to Enjoy Your Win

Today’s tip:  Take Time to Enjoy Your Win


Congratulations on a great school year.  Over the last six weeks, Time Change Coaches completed the end of year rubric assessment with each TimeTrack user.  This assessment is a reflective practice process focusing on your gains, goals, and next steps.  Your instructional time gain is impressive.  What is more impressive is your commitment to helping teachers and other staff positively impact student learning.  The annual report summarizing the progress of all SAM teams will be released July 17.


Most TimeTrack users are on vacation in June and/or July.  As a result, your Time Change Coach will limit interaction to what you request.  Weekly TimeTrack reviews, and monthly TCC attendance at your SAM Daily Meetings, will resume August 1. 


The new TimeTrack will debut August 5.  You will find that using the new TimeTrack, after using the current, is the same as using a new iPhone or Android when you have an older model.  EasyAll data/entries from your current TimeTrack will automatically transfer.  The new TimeTrack has dozens of new improvements and features.   It is easier to use and will allow populating Google or Outlook with TimeTrack events. Additional integration features will be released in stages. You won’t have to change your log-in or password.  You can enjoy the great new look and features.  For new features and functionality, we will provide short videos, online session options and recordings.


Leaving your current employment, retired, or retiring?  Applications for Time Change Coach training is open today through June 21.   Currently, NSIP employs 51 full and part-time Time Change Coaches.  Each year we select additional Time Change Coach applicants so we can serve new and current SAM teams.  Use this link to access the application form and for more information:

Registration opens Labor Day

18th Annual National SAM Conference

January 16-19, 2025

Loew’s Miami Beach

30+ Breakout Sessions Featuring National Presenters and SAM Practitioners


A few things to consider when planning to attend:


  • Online registration opens Labor Day.

  • To be eligible to attend, you must be a TimeTrack owner or SAM doing the process with efficacy, NSIP staff, Board member or presenter.

  • The conference will be held at Loew’s Miami Beach, January 16-19, 2025. Conference fees:

  •  $2,895 covers three nights at the hotel, conference sessions, food/beverage, books, and ground transportation

  • $895 covers the all-day pre-conference and includes the extra night at the hotel, sessions, food/beverage, books and ground transportation

  • $429 covers additional nights at the hotel after the conference—we have secured additional rooms Sunday night as we expect many attendees will want to stay Sunday and travel home Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

  • $545 covers the cost of bringing a spouse or significant other—the fee covers the cost of ground transportation and evening events

A Message From Your SAM: click here

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