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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 5/28/19 - Be an intentional leader.

This week’s tip: Be an intentional leader.

Think about how what you do tells people what you believe. You have tremendous impact on others and, like most things, actions speak louder than words.

Make a point to schedule time each morning talking with students about their school work Some principals elect to do this as kids are entering the building. These short conversations can be a powerful tool in communicating the importance you see in their school work. It also gives you insight to what is happening in the classroom and how you can help.

Other principals enter a room before the bell and sit with a student and have the same conversation. These same principals know the power of their presence and may elect to stay in the classroom as the teacher gets things started.

Still other principals look for teachable moments with teachers. A principal who stops and helps a teacher complete a bulletin board, cut out letters, grade a set of papers or prepare materials for a lesson teaches a lesson that won’t soon be forgotten: the leader values, respects and appreciates the work of teachers.

What you do, regardless of your title, speaks volumes. Make sure what you do moves your staff in the direction you seek.

Great SAMs help their principals find these teachable moments in every SAM Daily Meeting.

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