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SamTastic Weekly Tip - 8/22/22: Be in the GREEN today!

Today’s Tip: Be in the Green Today!

Are you in the GREEN today? Some SAM teams put off the first few weeks of school two SAM process non-negotiables for the first few days of school: scheduling in advance and conducting the SAM Daily Meeting.

Every leader is more effective with a plan and time to talk with a trusted colleague about their work. Teachers are expected to have a plan every day of school…even the first day. Why not the leader?

Feeling guilty isn’t productive. Why not fix the problem today?

1. Have your SAM Daily Meeting and get in the GREEN today.

2. Post the leader’s schedule so others can see the principal has a plan. Additionally, posting the leader’s TimeTrack reveals time others can drop in to see the leader.

3. Be sure to set reasonable monthly instructional time goals. Start with 20% for August and increase by 5% each month until you reach 55%. Research show that this is the “sweet spot” for principal positive impact.

Be sure to find joy in your work each day. It may be the best leadership move you can make to create a positive and proactive school culture.

Need help getting on track again? Let your Time Change Coach know you’d like help now. Your coach is ready to help. You’ll find your Time Change Coach’s contact information by going to the TimeTrack logo, select USER, TimeTrack Access.

The SAM Communications Protocol Online Training was held last week. Use this link to watch the 45-minute recorded session:

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