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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 9/24/18 - Celebrate three wins Monday.

Today’s tip: Celebrate three wins Monday.

The first rule of school leadership is to make others feel valued and important. The first step is to recognize your wins and the wins of the others. Here’s three wins to recognize:

Think about your work with teachers last week. Can you identify a teacher whose practice impressed you? Make a point to take five minutes to tell the teacher... and get him/her to talk about it.

Think about a support staff member who impressed you last week. Does this person know? Take time to talk with them about how impressed you are.. .and make the learning connection. The learning connection? This is when you connect the work of a support staff member with the learning that takes place in school. The work support staff members do makes the work of instructional staff possible. Explain how their work allows you to work with teachers because you are not pulled away.

Think about a win you had last week. It might have been an interaction with a student. It night have been a parent, teacher or support staff member. It might have been that you were in the GREEN each day last week. Tell your SAM.. .and then thank them, too!

SAM principals recognize wins. This helps create a culture where instructional leadership, work with adults to improve teaching practice, is front and center.

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