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Adding a TimeTrack Calendar Feed to an iPhone

Note: This procedure involves steps that must be performed on a PC, Mac, or Ipad in addition to your iPhone



1)      Click the “TimeTrack” Button in the upper left corner of the screen

2)      Choose “User”

3)      Choose “Calendar Feed Setup”

4)      Name the calendar feed (For example: “iPhone Calendar Feed”)

5)      Choose the time frame which you would like to keep loaded in your calendar

6)      Choose your alert frequency

7)      Click “Add”

8)      In the dialog that appears, click on “Email Me This Link”



1)      Open the email sent from TimeTrack

2)      Tap and hold the link, then choose “Copy”

3)      In your iPhone’s settings, tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”

4)      Under “Accounts”, tap “Add Account”

5)      Tap “Other”

6)      Under “Calendars”, tap “Add Subscribed Calendar”

7)      Tap and hold in the “Server” field, and choose “Paste”

8)      Tap “Next”, then tap “Save”. Your calendar entries will then be added to your iPhone Calendar

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