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Would you like to know more?

What is SAM?  SAM is a professional development process using a unique set of tools to change a principal’s focus from school management tasks to instructional leadership—activities directly connected to improving teaching and learning.  Over 1,200 school leaders in twenty-three states contract for SAM services to improve their effectiveness as principals.


Does it work?  Yes.  Independent and external research has determined that principals gain the equivalent of 27 extra days of instructional leadership time in their first year using the SAM process. The process is designed to help the principal be reflective about how to best work with teachers to improve teaching and learning. 


What is a SAM?  A SAM is a person or team of staff members who meet with the principal each day to schedule instructional leadership time, reflect on impact and develop a First Responder™ structure in the school. 


First Responders™?  The life of most school leaders is interrupt driven.  The SAM process identifies staff members who should be the first to try to deal with school management issues instead of immediately pulling the principal from instructional work. 


What is TimeTrack®?  TimeTrack is a cloud-based calendar that the school leader uses like a lesson plan detailing the time they spent with individual and groups of teachers.  TimeTrack graphs and charts are used in a daily meeting with the principal and SAM team to determine next steps to improve teaching and learning.


What is NSIP?  The National SAM Innovation Project is a non-profit company providing SAM services, a comprehensive process and a set of tools designed to develop effective instructional leaders resulting in teacher effectiveness and greater student success. Established in 2010, NSIP is led by founder Mark Shellinger.  NSIP’s mission is to extend the SAM process to all schools in every state to create greater teacher and learner success.


Is the SAM process expensive?  No.  In this pandemic year we are offering an introductory service fee of $4,500. This will cover service for twelve months use of TimeTrack® for the principal, assistant principals and instructional coaches in a school.  Most schools use Title II or I funds to pay for SAM services. 


Training and Support?  Three two-hour online training sessions are followed by daily online support by a NSIP Implementation Specialist.  NSIP continues this support with monthly online time with a coach and tech support.

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