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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 11/15/22 - Group Meetings

Today’s Tip: Group Meetings

Most school leaders spend more time each week/year in meetings than any other activity.

There are three descriptors for working with groups:

  • Professional Development

  • Decision Making Groups and Meetings

  • Planning, Curriculum and Assessment.

Open your dashboard and look at where you are spending time in group meetings.

The SAM process is all about intentionality. Ask if it was the leader’s intention to spend more time with one group than another. Ask if the leader can connect time spent with a group with improved teacher practice. If not, what needs to change?

It is easy for a leader to allow meetings to take far more time than intended. Working with teachers in group settings can have tremendous positive impact if carefully thought out and planned. Asking the leader during the SAM Daily Meeting what follow-up is needed after attending a group meeting is the first step. This causes the leader to be reflective about why he/she attended the meeting in the first place. Was attending intentional or simply habit?

Please note: The deadline for travel information for the 16th Annual National SAM Conference is December 5. If we don’t have your travel information you may be moved to the wait list. Send travel information to If you have a problem, please let her know the exact date you will have the information and she will do her best to work it out with you.

You can still register for the conference but will be placed on a wait list as all 500 rooms have been tentatively assigned. As rooms become available you will be cleared. To register:

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