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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 12/12/22 - Learn From Your Best Performer

Today’s Tip: Learn From Your Best Performer

How about an early Christmas, or holiday, gift…for you?

Sound good? Would it sound even better if receiving this gift would improve the practice of your best teacher? What if receiving this gift would improve your capacity to improve the practice of all teachers in your school?

Here’s your gift: Spend time seeing your best teacher perform today and then spend 45 minutes listening while giving your full and undivided attention. The research strongly supports this kind of watching/listening leadership. Your best performer actually gets better, faster, if you can listen, ask clarifying questions and avoid giving advice. The research also shows that you, as the observer and listener, will learn a lot in this process…things that you can apply when working with other teachers.

The research also show that you will be happier. It is a rejuvenating experience to watch a master teacher work. The research also shows the master teacher will be happier if you can actually give your full and undivided attention. This means maintaining eye contact, leaving your tech in your office, and concentrating on truly listening.

The research also shows that master teachers respect a principal who can master this watching/listening approach to instructional leadership.

Enjoy your early Christmas/holiday gift today!

Great news! This weekend we were able to offer each person on the wait list for the conference space at a secondary hotel near the conference resort. You can still register for the conference but will be placed on a wait list until we are sure we have space. As rooms become available you will be cleared. To register:

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