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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 2/3/20 - Your Professional Growth

This week’s tip: Your Professional Growth

Many principals, SAMs and other school leaders, put their own professional development last, wanting to use all available funding for teachers.

This may appear noble, but it is shortsighted. Research is clear that the principal plays the largest role in improving teaching and learning. Being a better leader requires time improving skills and instructional knowledge. This is the best way you can improve teaching and learning.

700+ principals and SAMs participated in the 13 th Annual National SAM Conference last week in Florida. They benefited from six national and international keynote speakers, 36 different breakout presenters and time to connect with amazing leaders from across the US.

They had a lot of fun, too, with live entertainment and exceptional dining in a resort atmosphere.

A majority of attendees have rated the conference in past years as the best professional development they have every experienced. The conference at Marco Island was no exception.

So, why not plan to attend the 14th Annual National SAM Conference, Tucson, Arizona, January 28-31, 2021? Now is a great time to do five things:

1. Enter the dates on your TimeTrack, January 28-31, 2021.

2. Budget for the conference: $1,995 covers everything except airfare. You can add the pre-conference for $795.

3. Check to see if you have left over funds for the current year you can use or budget Title I or II funds for next year.

4. Be sure you’ve covered your basic SAM services in your budget for 2020-21

5. Encourage other principals to participate in the SAM process and budget accordingly.

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