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SamTastic Weekly Tip – 2/7/22: Use Your TimeTrack Data

Today’s Tip: Use Your TimeTrack Data

Many SAM teams are completing annual evaluations for teachers and support staff in February. The best SAM teams use their TimeTrack data.

Leaders can use TimeTrack to show:

  1. time spent with each teacher on instructional practice

  2. number of interactions with each teacher for the year

  3. amount of time spent watching the educator teach

  4. amount of time talking with the teacher about lessons

  5. amount of time planning with teacher, in PD sessions, PLCs

If the leaders uses TimeTrack’s NoteTrack function, a running narrative record is available, too.

Some SAM leaders copy and paste TimeTrack graphs in evaluation reports for each teacher.

Below, you can see this leader spent 45 hours and 45 minutes supporting the teacher.

Using your TimeTrack data when writing a formal evaluation may cause you to reflect on whether you are doing enough work with the teacher. One principal shared her surprise when examining TimeTrack data. When she looked at the amount of time she had been in the room one hour, and the number of times she had been in the room, three times, all in September, October and November, she realized she may not have provided the needed support. When looking at the amount of feedback she gave the teacher during the same time period she decided to spend time talking with the teacher after each visit.


button in the upper left of a chart allows you to toggle between the amount of time spend and the number of interactions. To get to a comparison of seeing instruction with feedback use the button in the upper right corner.

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