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SamTastic Weekly Tip - 3/14/22: This is a GREAT week to be in the GREEN.

Today’s Tip: This is a GREAT week to be in the GREEN.

St. Patrick’s Day is Thursday. It takes more than luck, though, to be in GREEN. It takes intentionality.

When you have your SAM Daily Meeting you are setting yourself up for success. No matter the pressures you face, having a plan is better. The SAM’s job it to take the leader’s good intentions and make them happen. This occurs every day in over 1,200 SAM schools in 23 states.

Being in the GREEN and having your SAM Daily Meeting are the first and second leaflets of your journey in making your four-leaf clover a harbinger of good luck.

The third leaflet is reflection with data. Looking at the time spent with a teacher you need to assist is the start of reflective practice…and shows a level of intentionality that is truly impressive. Why? Because instead of focusing on what the teacher needs to do the SAM team considers what the leader needs to do. In other words, the change you seek is in the mirror.

The fourth leaflet is action. What will you schedule, actually do, that is different than what you normally do? What series of interactions with the teacher can you do that will make a difference?

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