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SamTastic Weekly Tip - 4/25/22: Review the new Performance Rubrics

Today’s Tip: Review the new Performance Rubrics

In May and June each year Time Change Coaches work with SAM teams to complete a reflective assessment of their SAM process work.

We shared earlier that the performance rubric we’ve used in the past was revised and additional rubrics were created to make the annual reflective review more rewarding and robust. The purpose is to celebrate your success while considering next steps in using the SAM process to best meet your goals. It is worth taking a look prior to your session with your Time Change Coach.

There are three rubrics:

All SAM teams use the Performance Rubric 1.0: As you consider where you are on the rubric consider if you are doing everything at each level. If not, consider the steps you could take as team. If you are doing everything at each of level of the Rubric 1.0 you have the option of using a second rubric, Performance Rubric 2.0:

For the first time we are using a separate rubric for additional TimeTrack users at a school. For example, if you are an assistant principal there is a separate rubric for you to use. Additional TimeTrack Performance Rubric:

You can click the rubric links, in BLUE above, to view and print. You can also access the rubrics when working with your TimeTrack. Click the orange TimeTrack logo, select INFO and then Written Tools.

Many teams and Time Change Coaches report the annual rubric review is helpful in setting goals for the upcoming school year. The new rubrics are designed to deepen and strengthen this reflective practice process with an emphasis on celebrating your work.

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