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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 6/8/20 - People are good.

This week’s tip: People are good.

Hard to believe today, but it is true. People are inherently good.

It might sound hopeful but it is a fact. It isn’t just something you might like to believe. It is science.

Science? Yes. Social science has come to the realization that the evidence that people are inherently good is overwhelming. People are good and want to do the right thing. Sure. Some people turn to evil and some are clinically ill. But the truth is: people are inherently good and want to do the right thing.

A new book, Humankind, by historian Rutger Bregman, makes a compelling case that people have a natural tendency and desire to be and do good, cooperate and show empathy and concern for others. Read it. It gave me hope for the future and emphasizes the value of your work as educational leaders.

In Louisville, like most of the US, citizens have protested the inhumane behavior of some police officers. The murder of Breonna Taylor, like George Floyd, is incomprehensible. Still, look what happened Saturday when a policeman was separated from his group and was backed up against a wall by angry protesters. Six protesters linked arms to protect the policeman.

We have all painfully watched the video of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s inhumane treatment of George Floyd. In last week’s SAM Coffee Break Jenn David-Lang pointed out that someone was Chauvin’s kindergarten teacher, 12th grade teacher and principal. We have an opportunity and responsibility to help nurture the good in all of our students.

SAM teams are positioned to support, recognize and nurture the good in staff and school community. The America we want, the America we pledge allegiance to, is possible. It is up to us. Leadership does make a difference.

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