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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 9/30/19 - Use your TimeTrack and come to the National SAM Conference

This week’s tip: Use your TimeTrack and come to the National SAM Conference

As September ends and October begins, take a look at your TimeTrack. You are likely in the GREEN today because you always get there after your SAM Daily Meeting the prior school day. Great! There is more to TimeTrack, though, than meets the eye.

The video we shared earlier in the month, Using your TimeTrack Dashboard, was really popular with the most views of any video we’ve offered. As a result, we are starting a series today of shorter videos on use of the dashboard. Each week we will focus on a different part of the dashboard. This week the short video is called Month to Month and Options. Take a look:

Here’s a very short video on a basic TimeTrack function—How to Enter a TimeTrack event:

Would you like to see a really cool short video showing what is a National SAM Conference Like? You will likely spot some of your colleagues dancing:

Next to the last tip this week: register for the

conference: http://Registration.SamsConnect.Com You will find more information, including a list of keynote speakers and all day pre-conference sessions, below.

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