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SamTastic Tip: 12/7/15 - So, do you like the new TimeTrack app for Apple and Android smartphones?

So, do you like the new TimeTrack app for Apple and Android smartphones? Yes? Great! Here’s a five minute video demonstrating the cool features.

Iowa had its annual state SAM conference last week followed by the SAM Academy. Kim Marshall, the national expert on teacher evaluation and supervision, was the keynote speaker and did a great job connecting his work with the work of SAM teams.

He shared ten mediocre instructional practices SAM leaders should be looking for and engage teachers in conversation:

1. texting or doing email during class

2. the Do Now becomes the Do Forever

3. round-robin reading

4. teacher lecturing

5. teaching while side conversations are going on

6. the COPWAKTA syndrome*

7. accepting one one-word answers and moving on

8. finishing a class early and giving “free time”

9. one week delay in getting work back to students

10. low-quality worksheets and lots of test-prep

*COPWAKTA: Calling On People Who Already Know the Answer

You can see Kim’s keynote from the last national SAM conference by clicking here: id=2490

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