• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Tip: 2/8/16 - Graph Options.

This week’s tip: Graph Options.

Graph options? Yes. Many SAM teams make a point to look at the time spent with a teacher four ways:

1) Click OPTIONS at the top. Look at the time spent with a teacher for the last six weeks. Is the time enough to help the teacher improve? Are the events connected?

2) Click the Frequency button at the bottom of a teacher’s chart. If you were the teacher would you think the frequency of interaction with the principal was enough? I there connection between the four kind of observation and three kinds of feedback?

3) Click OPTIONS again at the top. Are there other school leaders who are using TimeTrack? Are they spending time with the same teachers? How does their work connect?

4) Click the Options tab at the bottom of the Dashboard. What do the optional descriptors tell you? Are you doing the things you planned? Are you doing the things that will move teacher practice forward?

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