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SamTastic Tip: 3/7/16 - Who do you need to spend time with today?

This week’s tip: Who do you need to spend time with today?

Are you spending time with the people who need you most? At your SAM Daily Meeting today take a minute to take a look.

Try this three step process:

1. Ask each SAM team member to select two educators they think the leader should be spending the most time.

2. Click on your graphing portal. Click the expand button on the graph on the top right. This will show the time spent with each educator.

3. How many of the educators you picked are in the “Top 5”?

Lastly, pick the educator you all agree needs the most time. Open his/her graph and then click the Frequency button at the bottom left. Ask this question: “Is the interaction frequent enough to get the change you desire?” NSIP Director Mark Shellinger often says:

“Leadership is taking a person or group to a destination they might not get to on their own.” You can use your time data to see if you are moving in the right direction.

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