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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 1/31/24 - Hello, again, from Fort Lauderdale, site of the 17th Annual National SAM Conference.

Hello, again, from Fort Lauderdale, site of the 17th Annual National SAM Conference.


The conference was a wonderful experience for the 600+ SAM team members.  The four keynote presentations and four selected breakout sessions will be available on HD video at the end of February…along with a hilarious conference musical parody by the remarkable John Antonetti.


The NSIP Board met the day before the conference and seated the first practicing SAM to the Board, Jennifer Stapleton.  Board President Bert Hendee shared:


Jennifer is a SAM for two district level administrators in Springfield, IL.  Jennifer has been a SAM for four different administrators during her 10+ years of involvement with SAMs.  Her voice and experience will be a welcome and critical one on the board. 


The board of directors meets four times annually, two times a year, in person and two times, virtually. At each meeting we have updates from each member of the board and the executive director.  Our vision, mission, bylaws, policies and procedures are reviewed at each meeting as well.  An annual board self-evaluation is completed as well as a performance review for the executive director.  We are all educators and are passionate about this work.


We serve to help strengthen the organization and support you in the important work you do each and every day.  If you have questions please feel free to reach out to any board member at any time.  Our contact information is on the NSIP website.


Jennifer Stapelton joins Bert Hendee, Paul Katnik, Dave Sechler, Nathan Roberts and Shawna Fagbuyi on the Board. Carol Lensing and Debbie Daniels participate as retired, emeritus members.


Plan to budget now for next year’s national conference, Miami Beach, Florida, January 15-19, 2025, MLK Day Weekend.  $2,895 covers all costs except airfare.  This is also a good time to be sure your funding for SAM service for 2024-25 is in place.


Great news!  NSIP welcomes new SAM teams in South Carolina next month.  South Carolina will be our third new SAM state this school year.  You’ll find a complete list of the 22 states with SAM teams, below.  Please share your experience with SAMs with colleagues in your district, state and across the US.

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