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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 10/17/22 - Focus on Your Own Professional Development.

Today’s Tip: Focus on your own professional development.

Your SAM Daily Meeting is professional development and significantly improves your practice every day. The scheduling of follow-up work, the focus on intentionality, care for staff and use of your own time data to make better decisions to improve teaching practice is highly effective professional development.

The SAM Daily Meeting often leads to participants to seek additional resources. The Marshall Memo and Main Idea are used by many SAM team members and are provided by NSIP at no-charge. Click here if you aren’t receiving these resources and would like to:

SAM teams love the annual national SAM conference and the exceptional keynote and breakout sessions. Demand for seats at the 16th Annual National SAM Conference has been very high. So high, in fact, we had to begin a wait list last week.

We will have over 600 attendees and guests in Tucson, February 2-5, 2023. People currently on the wait list will likely be cleared later this week as we have secured 50 additional rooms at a hotel near the resort. Also, our registration history show that some attendees who have registered will withdraw once airline information is required the first week of December.

Haven’t registered and want to come? Go ahead a register now. You will receive notice that you’ve been placed on the waiting list and will be notified when we can confirm a room.

The annual national SAM conference is unique. It is designed to make you feel as if you work for Apple or Google in order to honor the great work you do. Keynote speakers are the brightest lights in business leadership, psychology and education. The conference is also a celebration of your success as a SAM team. In fact, you can’t attend unless you are doing the SAM process with efficacy.

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