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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 10/23/17 - Are you a good boss?

Are you a good boss?

In schools we don’t usually think of the principal or principal supervisor as the “boss”.

As a noun, a boss is a person in charge of a worker or organization.

  • Synonyms: head, chief, director, president, principal, chief executive, chair, manager

  • As a verb, “boss” means to give (someone) orders in a domineering manner. order around, dictate to, lord it over, bully, push synonyms, around, domineer, dominate, pressurize, browbeat

  • As an adjective, a person who is “boss” is impressive. synonyms, excellent; outstanding

Most SAM school leaders meet the definition of a boss when the word is used as noun and try hard not be “boss” as a verb. If they are successful, they get to put the word, boss, in front of their name as an adjective: “I have a boss SAM principal.”

There are specific things a SAM can “push” the school leader to do so people will say: “My boss is not bossy but is totally boss.” Inc. magazine shared 21 specific things a boss boss who is not bossy does every day. How many do you do? Which ones could you add? Take a look:

1. You listen without distractions. Employees will be motivated when you listen attentively and ask thoughtful questions.

2. You genuinely care about and believe in your people — which in turn, will create a loyal team that is willing to do their very best for you.

3. You make time to personally connect with your employees. One-on-one meetings can dramatically change relationships for the better.

4. You empower others by involving them in decisions whenever possible.

5. You trust people to make the right decision, boosting confidence and mutual respect.

6. You show appreciation. Even a simple “thank you.” Praise equals validation.

7. You create opportunities for employees to advance and develop new skills.

8. You regularly ask for feedback.

9. You replace blame with responsibility.

10. You are empathetic and strive to maintain the self-esteem of others.

11. You understand that by our human nature, people want to be part of something great and aspire to make work rewarding, and meaningful.

12. You communicate often and schedule opportunities for your team to connect.

13. You are emotionally resilient and know how to handle high-stakes conversations.

14. You are open-minded and not quick to judge. You come to understand a situation or behavior by asking questions.

15. You show genuine concern for your employees — the whole person, including their life outside of work.

16. You are authentic and honest. When you are not at liberty to reveal something, explain why.

17. You endorse health and wellness programs and self-care practices.

18. You welcome new ideas and value collaborative efforts and are willing to shake things up once in awhile.

19. You are not afraid to ask for help and admit mistakes.

20. You are aware of your impact and strive to see things from the perspective of your employees.

21. You are able to detach from negativity and let go of control when necessary.

So, boss, what can you schedule today in TimeTrack that will make you better?

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