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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 10/26/15 - Easy to Access Definitions

TimeTrack includes easy to access definitions of each instructional descriptor and examples of events you can schedule.. .as well as a host of other useful items and tools.

Click on the TimeTrack logo, upper left.

The INFO drop-down menu includes:

• Profile Sheet

• Time/Task Analysis

• Data Collection History

• SAM Daily Meeting Seven Elements

• Descriptor Definitions and Examples for Principal Supervisors

• Descriptor Definitions and Examples for Principals

• SAM/Principal Team Performance Rubric

• SAM District Leader Performance Rubric

• NSIP Service Overview

• SAM Daily Meeting Flip Book

• First Responders Flip Book

• TimeTrack Graphs and Charts

• Principal Supervisor Standards

• Principal ISLLC Standards

PGCPS Aligned Standards

Exporting Data to Outlook

• Exporting Data to Google Calendar

Most everything you need is built-in to TimeTrack. Let me know if you want hard copies and when you’d like to update your profile sheet. You can always reach me at

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