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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 10/31/22 - Be in the Green for Halloween and November First

Today’s Tip: Be in the Green for Halloween and November First.

Most SAM teams pick an instructional time goal for their first month that is easy to reach. Then, they increase their goal each month, like stair steps, until the reach 50%. They then level off their goal as they need some time for management tasks and, importantly, want to have some “white space” unscheduled time, each day.

As October ends and November begins take a look at your progress. Were you consistently in the Green for the month of October? If so, a slight increase for November makes sense. Be sure that the increase is not too steep. It is fine to change it.

How? Go to the TimeTrack logo, click on Settings, then Monthly Goal Set-up. You can adjust your goal for November, and every month, as needed.

If you were not consistently meeting your instructional time goal in October talk about it during your SAM Daily Meeting. It may be that your goal is too high. Sometimes it is better to go slow to go fast. Take your time. This isn’t a race. You want to focus on the instructional work you are doing and how it impacts teacher practice. You want your goal to stretch you a little…but not stress you a lot.

Dan Harris, former network news reporter, does a lot of work nationally helping leaders be thoughtful and reflective by using mindfulness techniques. He suggests that beating yourself up doesn't make you stronger. Instead, he suggests being kind to yourself. He doesn’t suggest ignoring your weaknesses. Instead, he thinks giving yourself permission to learn from your mistakes. Take 13 minutes to watch…it may be just what you need. Click here: The Benefits of Not Being a Jerk to Yourself

Please note: You can still register for the conference but will be placed on a wait list as all 500 rooms have been tentatively assigned. As rooms become available you will be cleared. To register: If you have already registered, please remember the deadline for travel information is December 5. If we don’t have your travel information you may be moved to the wait list. Send travel information to

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