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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 10/8/18 - Connect Your Work with The Three Dots.

Today’s tip: Connect Your Work with The Three Dots.

When a teacher plans a lesson it is automatic to connect it with what was taught yesterday. Do you do the same thing in your work with teachers and others with whom you must build capacity and efficacy?

SAMs start this connection by asking what follow-up the principal wants after the leader has confirmed they completed a scheduled event. Great SAM teams go the next step by looking k at what work they’ve accomplished by using TimeTrack graphs. They know the easy way to do this by opening an event and clicking on the three dots following the email icon for each teacher. Here’s what it looks like:

email ■■■

The ellipsis icon, or three dots, is a quick link that takes you to five graphs about your work with this one teacher. Start with the last link, Frequency of Interactions. You’ll immediately see all the work the principal has done with this teacher since the start of the school year. Ask: “Are these events connected in a way that will lead to improved teaching practice? You’ll also see the last event completed with the teacher and the next event scheduled. Using the three dots can better connect your work and increase the likelihood it will make a positive difference in teacher practice. Try the three dots today during your SAM Daily Meeting.

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