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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 11/14/23 - Focus

This week’s tip: Focus

Take a look at your time data:

  1. Have you spent the time you intended with your Focus teachers, the staff members you identified in TimeTrack as needing you most?

  2. Is the time you are spending in group meetings effective?

The SAM process is all about intentionality. Most TimeTrack users identify Focus teachers at the beginning of the school year. (Settings~Individual/Group Set-up) During the SAM Daily Meeting the team can see the time spent with each Focus teacher by going to the dashboard and clicking FOCUS. Can the leader see improved practice connected with the time spent? If so, great! If not, what is the leader going to try next?

Most principals spend more time in group meetings than any other activity. Look at your TimeTrack data to compare the time spend with different groups in your school and district. Ask if it was the leader’s intention to spend more time with one group than another. Ask if the leader can connect time spent with a group with improved teacher practice. If not, what needs to change?

It is easy for a leader to allow meetings to take far more time than intended. Working with teachers in group settings can have tremendous positive impact if carefully thought out and planned. Asking the leader during the SAM Daily Meeting what follow-up is needed after attending a group meeting is the first step. This causes the leader to be reflective about why he/she attended the meeting in the first place.

Music Video: I Am a SAM

Executive Summary: SAM team Success:

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