• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Weekly Tip: 11/17/14 - How do you share your First Responder list?

How do you share your First Responder list? Last week’s tip focused on the “why”. This week we have three interesting ideas for sharing how your First Responders are:

1. Print and post your First Responders list in the staff bathrooms. Tape a copy above the urinals and on the inside of the stall doors.

2. Make a poster for the office with the First Responders listed along with the management areas. Send the list home with students, post in the faculty room, put it on your website.. .the possibilities are endless.

3. Do a skit at parents’ night or a staff meeting. Have your principal walk across the stage and have six different people stop him/her and ask a management question. Have the principal refer each to the correct First Responder. Explain why this helps the principal get to the classrooms to observe and assist with instruction.

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