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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 11/21/16 - Do you appreciate A.R.T?

Many SAM teams and Time Change Coaches believe the best part of the SAM process is the Daily Meeting. If gives the leader a chance to stop and reflect. So much of the leader’s day is interrupt driven. The SAM Daily meeting gives the leader a structured way to practice the A.R.T. of leadership: Analyze~Reflect~Think.

Every team’s SAM Daily Meting is unique. As long as the team is scheduling in advance and practicing A.R.T. ~ they are doing it right!

Every day you create a Picasso.. .as long as A.R.T. is a part of your SAM Daily Meeting.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! NSIP Director Mark Shellinger led us in the “Turkey Song” Friday. Take a look at our Thanksgiving greeting!

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