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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 11/28/22 - What Can You Do in 17 Days?

Today’s Tip: What Can You Do in 17 Days?

I bet you are in the GREEN this morning as you planned your day before you left for the Thanksgiving break. Great! If not, make sure to get to GREEN during your SAM Daily Meeting today.

With Christmas approaching most leaders have 15 to 20 school days before the long holiday break. So, what can you accomplish? This is a great subject for today’s SAM Daily Meeting. Is there a teacher you can focus your efforts for the next there weeks and achieve improvement?

Look at the teachers you selected as your focus teachers at the beginning of the school year. Can you pick one and spend time each day helping? Maybe schedule 20 minutes each day for the next three weeks to assist by working with a student in the teacher’s class? Think how great it will be when the holiday break begins knowing you achieved your goal. Cool.

Please note: The deadline for travel information for the 16th Annual National SAM Conference is December 5. If we don’t have your travel information you may be moved to the wait list. Send travel information to If you have a problem, please let her know the exact date you will have the information and she will do her best to work it out with you.

You can still register for the conference but will be placed on a wait list as all 500 rooms have been tentatively assigned. As rooms become available you will be cleared. To register:

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