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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 12/11/23 - Consider the 4t Non-negotiables

This week’s tip:  Consider the 4 Non-negotiables

Congratulations!  Christmas vacation/winter break is approaching and signals the completion of the first part of your school year.  Your TimeTrack shows your record during the first semester of intentional time spent supporting teacher improvement and student learning.  Impressive.

You use the SAM process to be your better self.  Your SAM and Time Change Coach don’t make the decisions about what you should do each day.  You do.  They are committed, however, to help you achieve the four SAM Process commitments:

The focus tends to be on the first three, scheduling, SAM Daily Meeting and using data.  The process depends, though, on the 4th commitment: working with your Specialist and Time Change Coach.

This is true for both the TimeTrack owner and the SAM.  Time spent with your Coach is key to your success.  Your coach works to develop the reflective practice necessary to make the first three commitments lead to success:  improved teacher practice and student performance.

Time Change Coaches don’t tell you what to do.  Instead, they model reflective questioning, how to use data and encourage fidelity to the first three commitments:  scheduling at/above goal, having effective SAM Daily Meetings and using your data to determine next steps. Coaches, like great SAMs, work to both cheerlead and irritate…they are committed to making the TimeTrack owner more successful.

Your Time Change coach reviews your TimeTrack weekly and gives you feedback. How do you communicate with your Time Change Coach?  Do you respond to the weekly email/text/phone call or notes your Time Change Coach sends?  Some TimeTrack owners ask their Coach to use the public note box at the bottom of each TimeTrack day.  Others prefer to use text messaging.  Still others use email or phone calls.  SAMs can elect how they would like to connect with their Time Change Coaches, too.  It does not have to be the same way as the TimeTrack owner, but can.  Like any communication, two-way is best.  Let your Coach know what works best for you.

Your Time Change Coach joins you monthly online for a SAM Daily Meeting.  Be sure to let your Coach know if you must change the time—your Coach depends on having this 30 minutes with you each month.

Did you know you can schedule extra time with your Coach?  You can schedule one-on-one meetings or as a team.  You can schedule more time with your coach for additional training or help in training others in your school as First Responders, use of the SAM Communications Protocol and use of data.

Are you attending the annual National SAM Conference?  Be sure to send your travel information to  Also, please complete the online breakout session preference selection.


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Executive Summary: SAM team Success:

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