• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Weekly Tip: 12/12/16 - Target Descriptors

Take a look at your three target descriptors. Double click on any white space and look at the bottom of the event entry box. If the three descriptors next to the flickering flames are in GREEN it means that you are doing more of this descriptor than when you were shadowed. If the descriptor is RED, it means you have done less.

Hover your cursor over the target and the percentages will appear.

Schedule one “target descriptor” event each day. Feel free to change your target descriptors as you like. The purpose is to focus on what you think will most likely move the practice forward for the educators you select.

Want to change a target descriptor? Click the TimeTrack logo, upper left. Select SETTINGS, GENERAL OPTIONS... and then click the Target Descriptor tab. Use the drop downs to change your targets. Make sure to click SAVE.

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