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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 12/19/22 - Time to Check Your TimeTrack

Today’s Tip: Time To check your TimeTrack

Christmas/Winter Break has started Friday afternoon for some SAM teams and will begin for everyone else later this week. Now is a great time to be sure your TimeTrack is counting correctly.

Correctly? Yes. TimeTrack will only accurately count and calculate your instructional time if it knows the days you are working. At the top if each day you’ll see the Contact Checkmark. If the checkmark is present, TimeTrack counts the day. You can click the checkmark to let TimeTrack know that you are not working and the day will not be counted. This will make your data more accurate.

You can do this day by day to go to the settings menu to do it by the month: TimeTrack logo ~ Settings ~ Contact Day Set-up.

This is also a good time to revisit your FOCUS staff, the people you want to spend more time with this year. Start by looking at the time you’ve spent with each person so far this year and determine if you’ve made progress. Then decide you want to make changes in who you will spend more time with for the rest of the school year.

TimeTrack logo ~ Settings ~ Individual/Group Set-up: Click the Focus square for each person you elect to spend more time with for the remainder of the year. Go to your dashboard and click the Focus link on the Instructional Top 5 chart, upper right, to see time spent with each of you Focus staff members.

Click any graph bar to see the breakout of time spend with any Focus staff member:

Enjoy your Christmas/holiday and New Year. You’ve worked hard for your school, staff, students, parents and community. Now its time to take care of you.

You can still register for the conference. We have six rooms available at the secondary hotel. To register:

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