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SamTastic Weekly Tip – 2/14/22: Access Data Three Ways

Most SAM teams access data and charts about their work with individual teachers by going to the Dashboard.

There are two faster an easier ways.

Look for the three blue DOTS. When you open an event you can click Associations and type in the name of any teacher. Next to their email icon you will see three dots. Clicking the dots opens an options menu.

Clicking the show breakout time spent shows time spent with the teacher.

This opens the record of time you’ve spent with this teacher.

You can also access the data chart for any teacher you’ve associated with an event by clicking the quick link:

Congratulations to SAM Principal Robert Kaufman, Michigan’s Elementary/Middle School Principal of the Year. Robert has done the SAM process since 2017 at Hillside Elementary School, Farmington, Michigan, near Detroit. He has been instrumental in sharing the SAM process with others in his district and state.

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