• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Weekly Tip: 2/2/15 - Who is your First Responder for the SAM Daily Meeting?

Who is your First Responder for the SAM Daily Meeting?

Scheduling in advance, discussing work completed and considering its impact have to be done each day. So what do you do when a team member is sick or out of the building or office?

Many SAMs train a teacher leader or other staff member the 7 Elements of a Daily Meeting. That way if the SAM is sick the teacher can step in as the First Responder. You can find the 7 Elements in your TimeTrack by clicking the info tab or at the SAMsConnect website:

Some SAMs conduct the Daily Meeting on the phone. This works when the principal is away from the school, too.

Some school leaders fly solo and complete the SAM Daily Meeting on their own. These leaders and the SAMs understand the importance of completing this process every day.

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