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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 2/20/17 - Look at the time you are spending managing your school.

This week’s tip: Look at the time you are spending managing your school.

Sal Sedita is a Time Change Coach. He works with SAM teams in Buffalo, New York and Hampton, Virginia. Take a look at the “tip” that came from his meeting with two other Time Change Coaches:

Friday morning, at our weekly TCC session, Dave Caban, Joe Gentile, and I were discussing various uses of the data SAMs could apply to help their principals. We thought a SAMtastic Tip could go out to all teams suggesting that the SAM access the dashboard and then choose the option that would show the time the Principal spent on Management. Then the SAM could drill down on the data in the lower center graph on the dashboard and show the principal just how much time he/she was spending on each of the management descriptors. Then the reflective questioning could take the track of “How much of this could be done by First Responders?”,

“Are there any in place who should/could be doing this?”, “Should we add First Responders to cover some of these?”

TimeTrack has a wealth of data that you can use. Looking at how you spend time managing the school can help you find more time to spend with teachers to improve their practice.

Another Time Change Coach, Dave Sechler who works with SAM teams in New York City, asked each of his SAM team members who attended the national conference to reflect on what they learned in Fort Lauderdale that they can apply to their work today. Smart!

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