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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 2/20/23 - Manage your Formal Evaluations

This week’s tip: Manage your Formal Evaluations

Many SAM teams check that all required formal evaluations are completed by the date their district or state requires. TimeTrack includes an automated scheduling system you can access to find open times for each of the four part of a formal evaluation: Pre-Conference, Observation, Time to do the Paperwork, Post-Conference.

Called Connected Events, this automated system asks for the names of the staff members you need to evaluate and searches your TimeTrack for open times to tentatively schedule each of the four events without conflicting with items you have already scheduled. Connected Events does this within the time frame you set. It also gives you options on the length of each event, descriptor and time of day you’d like to schedule.

You can view a short instructional video on how to use Connected Events at this link:

Many TimeTrack users access and review each staff member’s TimeTrack chart/graph as a part of the formal evaluation. Some leaders print the chart and include it with the evaluation to provide evidence of the time the leader spent with the staff member during the school year. Some leaders ask the staff member to review the chart showing time spent and ask how the leader could better help.

Some TimeTrack users review their NoteTrack entries for each staff member before writing the performance evaluation. This allows the leaders to have a far broader set of information to use than a one-time observation provides.

Here’s a short video on the use of NoteTrack:

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