• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Weekly Tip: 2/23/15 - How do you connect with parents and guardians instructionally?

How do you connect with parents and guardians instructionally?

Many SAM teams schedule time with parents each week.

One idea is to select a parent randomly to meet with the leader to discuss the student’s aspirations. What works for the student at the school? What does the student like about school? What are his/her challenges and successes?

Other SAM teams schedule a weekly focus group and invite three or four parents to participate. The leader facilitates a discussion about how the school can better meet student needs and how parents can help. The leader asks what is working and what could the school do better. Some leaders will share professional development work staff are engaged and ask parents for their thoughts. These focus groups can both engage parents and spark new ideas to improve teaching and learning.

In your SAM Daily meeting ask what you are doing to engage parents instructionally and then use TimeTrack to schedule.

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