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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 2/27/17

This week’s tip: Breathe.

Kids who get in trouble at a SAM school in Baltimore, Coleman Elementary, are sent to a meditation room rather than the principal’s office. Principal Carlillian Thompson makes a point of scheduling a little bit of “Blue” time on her TimeTrack each day, too. She knows the research about being centered and in the moment. She also knows that the Mindful Moment Room works for her students.

Take a look at this CBS News story about Coleman’s work with meditation:

A SAM principal in Denver, Alex Magana, starts meetings with mindfulness activities. He makes a point to incorporate mindfulness in his daily work with students and staff.

Take a look at your own TimeTrack. Would it help to schedule ten minute of mindfulness time? Simply click PERSONAL for the category and then give it a try. A ten minute break at your most stressful time of day could make you an even better leader.

Other mindfulness resources from the 9th Annual National SAM Conference in Tucson:

o David Gelles - Mindful Work

o Kirsten Olson - The Mindful School Leader o HD Video

Ted DesMaisons - Mindfulness and Improvisation o Handout

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