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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 2/27/23 - What do you have scheduled today that builds trust?

This week’s tip: What do you have scheduled today that builds trust?

The SAM Process is all about being intentional. Scheduling what you will do each day, and using your time data to reflect, requires intentionality. SAM leaders know that improving teaching and learning relies on trust. SAM teams can intentionally do things to build trust each day with teachers, staff, students and parents.

The list, below, was written by Jon Sapier, Research for Better Teaching, outlining what staff members expect to see in a leader they trust. Read through the list. How many of the events you have scheduled today in TimeTrack align with one or more of the ten items, below?

1. I trust that you are competent and can keep the wheels turning by:

  • Staying on top of essential operations.

  • Handling crises.

2. I trust that you think I am a worthwhile person because you:

  • Consistently notice and comment on the things I am doing well.

  • Are interested in my life outside of school.

3. I trust that you will make it safe for us to make mistakes by:

  • Making yourself vulnerable.

  • Acknowledging what you don’t know and where you need help.

  • Righting wrongs, apologizing, making restitution.

  • Acknowledging mistakes.

  • Showing loyalty by giving credit freely, acknowledging others, and not bad-mouthing anyone behind their backs.

  • Holding yourself accountable and sharing how you’ll communicate how you’re doing.

  • Being a constant learner with us and visibly so.

4. I trust that you will be honest, meaning you:

  • Give me honest feedback about my performance.

  • Talk straight, let people know where you stand, use simple language, call things as they are, and not leave false impressions.

  • Create transparency, err on the side of disclosure.

  • Confront reality, take issues head on, lead courageously in conversations.

  • Clarify expectations, discuss, validate, don’t assume they are clear, renegotiate if necessary.

5. I trust your integrity — that is, that your motives are for the interest of the children, not your own career advancement because you:

  • Stand up for important values.

  • Keep your moral compass.

  • Maintain urgency for what needs to be done.

  • Keep your promises and follow-through on your commitments.

6. I trust that you will act courageously by:

  • Protecting us from initiative overload.

  • Keeping us safe from toxic behavior internally.

7. I trust that you make legitimate decisions because you:

  • Solicit input.

  • Explain how our input was used and why.

  • Can set limits and say no.

  • Make decisions for the good of the school.

8. I trust that you will deliver results:

  • By highlighting small victories.

  • By getting the right things done.

9. I trust you will show me respect by:

  • Listening first and not assuming you know what matters most to others.

  • Using active listening skills.

  • Hearing out different points of view.

  • Valuing my time.

  • Having my back.

  • Sharing difficult information because you think I can get better and deserve the chance.

10. I trust that you will act in a caring and compassionate way by:

  • Showing kindness in little things.

  • Being generous.

  • Going the extra mile to show consideration to individuals beyond formal requirements.

You can find the article this list was taken from at:

You can find a great HD video featuring author David Horsager, Trust Edge:

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