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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 2/9/23 - Self Care is Important: Budget Now for Next Year

This week’s tip: Self Care is important: Budget Now for Next Year

The 16th Annual National SAM Conference—a celebration of success and an investment in leader professional development—was our best, ever. You will receive links to the five keynote sessions and selected breakout sessions next month.

This month, make a point to budget for the SAM process for next year and include the conference. At a cost of $2,495 per person, covering all expenses except airfare, it is not only the best professional development for leaders, anywhere, but it is the best bargain.

Self-care has always been a part of the SAM process. Research show SAM principals work a shorter day, are more inclined to take lunch or mindfulness breaks. The same research shows these leaders get better student performance results. Some leaders will say they want to use every dollar for direct student support. The research shows that spending dollars on the SAM process results in a far greater return on investment. In other words, it makes you a better leader and students benefit more. In other words, your impact on student performance is indirect but has the greatest impact on student performance.

So, budget now, put the dates for next year’s conference on your TimeTrack and add an event for Labor Day, 2023:

Instructional, Office Work Prep: Register for the 17th Annual National SAM Conference

An added benefit: No one who has registered in September has ever been on the wait list or had to stay at a secondary hotel in order to attend.

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