• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Weekly Tip: 3/20/17 - Time Spent with One Teacher

This week’s tip: Time Spent with One Teacher

Take a look at your instructional time data for a person your SAM team believes is not improving.

Then, click the OPTIONS button and select a short time period, like the last six weeks.

Now, look at the chart and click the frequency button, bottom left, and ask these questions:

1. Is the interaction frequent enough to get improvement?

2. Is there a relationship between the four kinds of observation and three kinds of feedback?

3. Who else is trying to help?

4. What haven’t you tried yet?

5. Have you asked the person what would help?

6. What professional development has occurred? Did it help?

TimeTrack is structured to provide a running record of your instructional leadership work. It is most effective when the SAM team uses the charts to be reflective and actively contemplate new approaches to improve teaching practice. Considering your frequency of interaction can help.

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