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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 3/5/24 - The SAM process is all about intentionality.

The SAM process is all about intentionality.  Principals track their time improving teacher practice and use their data to determine next steps.


Many leaders use TimeTrack, and the SAM process, with their school and district improvement plans.  This provides reflection, self-accountability and focus that leads to success.  Two TimeTrack users, Mariane Dixon, Buffalo School District, Director, Leadership Development, and Dawn DiNatale, Time Change Coach, presented at the 17th Annual National SAM Conference on how to connect school/district improvement plans with the SAM Process.  You can view their session in HD video, and access other sessions and materials shared at the conference, at this link: 


Tracking time working with professional learning communities is something SAM teams do every day.  The research suggests PLCs can be effective in improving teaching and learning…but this requires a lot of leader thought, reflection and intentionality.  A research article, Keeping Track of the Development of Professional Learning Communities in Schools, includes a chart I thought might be helpful for SAM teams when considering next steps in work with PLCs.

Find the next TimeTrack event you have with a school PLC.  Can you identify next steps for the leader using the chart, above?   Here’s a link to the article:

Mission: The National SAM Innovation Project provides a comprehensive process and set of tools designed to develop effective instructional leaders resulting in greater student success.

Vision: The National SAM Innovation Project will provide SAM services in every state resulting in greater teacher and learner success.

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