• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Weekly Tip: 3/9/15 - Have you wondered what instructional work other SAM teams schedule?

Have you wondered what instructional work other SAM teams schedule? What creative things do they do to increase contact with parents, build teacher capacity and increase student engagement?

What a Great Idea! is an interactive list shared by your SAM team colleagues across the country. Each idea is presented in a one-page format and organized by activities with teachers, parents, students, support staff and others.

Check out the principal who spends a day each week shadowing a student so he can experience school from a different perspective. See how a SAM team hosts focus groups with parents, students and teachers to engage each group in school improvement efforts. See how a principal invites teachers to observe her teach and give directive and no-directive feedback.

Click this link to access What a Great Idea!:

Click this link to submit your own idea to share with other SAM teams:

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