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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 4/1/19 - Look at where you spend most of your instructional time.

Today’s tip: Look at where you spend most of your instructional time.

SAM teams often focus on the leader’s work with individuals even though most instructional time is spent with groups:

Three TimeTrack descriptors deal with group work:

Decision Making Groups and Meetings Professional Development Planning, Curriculum and Assessment

The principal, below, has spent 35% of his instructional time with groups so far this year. You can bet his SAM team asks him questions about the impact this time has on teacher practice.

Opening the TimeTrack dashboard and looking at which groups you are spending time with make it more likely you can move to reflective questions that have leverage the time spent with instructional improvement results.

Asking the principal if spending time with a particular group was intentional is a good start. You can also ask:

  • Can you connect improved teacher practice with the time spent with a specific group? How so?

  • How does the group benefit from your presence?

  • What to you want to accomplish next with a group?

  • Is there someone in the group that you want to: a. celebrate? b. spend more time? c. observe? d. encourage?

  • Is there a group you’d like to spend more time? Why?/Why not?

Your SAM Daily Meeting is a perfect time to look at your data and discuss the impact time spent has on teaching and learning.

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