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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 4/20/2020 - Schedule Management Work, Too

This week’s tip: Schedule Management Work, Too.

With the new normal some SAM teams worried that they were doing too much management work. It is necessary to do management work in order to do the instructional work that will drive improved teaching and learning. In other words, manage the management to do more instructional work.

By actually scheduling you management work you have data that you can use to take control of what you do each day instead of allowing the interruptions and demands of the day to control you.

This month some SAM teams lowered their monthly instructional leadership goal to allow for the additional management time necessary to make things work. This is perfectly fine. These same SAM teams are now able to use their data to slowly increase their instructional focus. Also, perfectly fine.

School leaders have enormous responsibilities and overwhelming demands on their time. The SAM process is the key to being successful in normal times. With the new normal the SAM process is even more valuable to the success each leader desires: improved teaching and learning.

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