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SamTastic Weekly Tip - 4/4/22: Consider who most needs your help.

Today’s Tip: Consider who most needs your help.

The SAM process asks you to consider each day how you can positively impact teaching and learning. School leaders, administrators, and teachers, strive to help everyone. But the amount of time they give each person must be based on need.

As a SAM team, you can easily identify who you have spent the most time with this school year by opening your dashboard. During your SAM Daily Meeting, try this:

  1. As a team, identify three people on staff who are most in need of improvement.

  2. Open your TimeTrack Dashboard. Open the chart, top right, showing the time you’ve spent with each member of your staff. Are the three staff members you identified in the top 10?

  3. Click the Focus button on the chart, top right. Do you need to update the list of staff members identified in TimeTrack as needing more of the leader’s time? Go to the TimeTrack logo upper, left, select Settings, Individual and Group Set-up. Simply click the focus button to the left of the educator’s name.

Reflecting on the impact of your instructional time is an important step in moving practice forward.

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