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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 4/8/19 - A Question to ask that will make your SAM team more intentional.

Today’s tip: A Question to ask that will make your SAM team more intentional.

SAM teams are all about being intentional. You are constantly focused on what can be done to move the practice of a teacher or group forward. SAM teams do TimeTrack every day and conduct a Daily Meeting where they not only schedule follow-up events but use their data to be reflective.

A recent article by Benjamin Hardy may be helpful for your team’s intentionality. The author shares that the British Olympic rowing team was terrible—they hadn’t won a medal since 1912—but used a technique called “implementation intention” when preparing for the 2002 Olympic games in Sydney. They used a one question response to every decision they had to make: “Will it make the boat go faster?”

“They developed a one-question response to EVERY SINGLE DECISION they made. This one question allowed them to measure every situation, decision, and obstacle — and to not get derailed where most people do.

With every decision or opportunity, every member of the team asked themselves: WILL IT MAKE THE BOAT GO FASTER?

Example: you get invited to a late night party the night before training. WILL IT MAKE THE BOAT GO FASTER?

If the answer is no... then the decision is no.

Tempted to eat a doughnut? WILL IT MAKE THE BOAT GO FASTER?

The British rowing team used this single question — a profound implementation intention — to quickly escalate their unity, skills, conditioning, and training.”

What would your life look like if you measured every decision you made against your future vision?

How much more intentional and thoughtful would the DETAILS of your life be if you spent more time in your future, thinking, scheming, planning, then ACTING?

They won the gold medal in Sydney. They made the boat go faster. So, what is your SAM team’s implementation intention question?

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