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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 4/9/18 - Take a Learning Break.

Today’s tip: Take a Learning Break.

SAM principals increase their instructional time and make it count. It is important for the SAM and principal to take a learning break, too.

Take a look at this article from Inc. Magazine. I bet you can incorporate all three ideas in your daily routine and schedule each in TimeTrack.

Practicing These 3 Daily Habits Will Inherently Make You More Successful

Alyssa Satara/Mar 19, 2018

Every person works differently, and every brain is wired differently. This makes it hard to pinpoint what daily actions can lead people to thrive. Instead of listing of to-do’s that can help one succeed, it’s important to recognize that success doesn’t happen overnight.

Success is a manifestation of years of habits and choices.

With that lens, building your pathway to success is drastically more tangible. You can simply start my implementing productivity boosting and success enhancing habits into your everyday life.

New routines and habits can sometimes be daunting and even off putting. So start small. Start with these three daily habits that will help increase your productivity tenfold.

Create a lifestyle where waking up early and getting enough sleep is feasible. The early bird gets the worm, and the night owl might be left empty handed. If you want to make the most out of your day, start it early.

Wake up before the rest of your world does.

A lot of entrepreneurs are constantly in grind mode. When you’re reaching deadlines and raising funds it’s easy to put yourself-and your sleep- second. Instead, learn to sit with yourself and your thoughts before having to jump into your work day.

And don’t sacrifice sleep to do it. This means having to prioritize going to sleep at a reasonable hour.

The best way to insure you have a good day is by starting the day off by treating yourself right. Being successful has this connotation that you’re not supposed to devote any time to yourself. Don’t believe that.

Begin your morning by prioritizing yourself. Have a morning ritual. It can be taking 15 minutes to stretch and meditate before the day begins, or walking to the coffee shop down the street to read for 45 minutes. Whatever it is, do it daily.

This extremely important for entrepreneurs and small business owners. When you’re in those roles decision making is a huge part of your job description. Morning routines can help you clear you mind, so that when it’s time to start making decisions you do it from a calm and collected place.

By the time you sit down to dive into work you’ll be fully ready and happy you took that time to yourself.

Learn something new every day. Some of the most successful people do so well because their appetite for knowledge is never satisfied.

Look at Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Even though they are both already successful they continue grow and nurture their own knowledge.

Whether it’s from a YouTube tutorial, book you’re reading or from a friend you should prioritize learning something new each day. When you condition yourself to learn more about the society, world and universe around you, you open yourself up for more opportunities.

Start filling yourself with knowledge and in that questions. This will help you see how things work, and why. And it’s a crucial part of critical thinking.

If you want to be successful, never stop learning. And start that by learning something new every day.

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