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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 5/1/23 - Look at Your Time Working with Groups

This week’s tip: Look at Your Time Working with Groups

TimeTrack users generally spend more instructional time in work with groups than any other action. The instructional descriptors, Decision Making Groups and Committees and Professional Development, are generally first and second.

Open your dashboard. You’ll see the five groups you spent the most amount of time with this year, chart on the bottom right. Take a look at the group you spent the greatest amount of time with this school year and reflect:

  1. Is the group you spent the most amount of time with the one that needed you the most?

  2. Can you identify ways your time spent with the group improved teaching practice?

  3. Can you identify a specific group member who directly benefited from your participation in the group throughout the year?

  4. Click on the bar for one group. You will see a breakout of the time spent. Click the frequency button and you’ll see a very different view of your time. Was the connection with the group consistent month to month? Is this important? Is there a connection between the frequency of your interaction with the group and your impact?

All five keynotes and five selected breakout sessions from the l6th Annual, 2023, National SAM Conference are now available in HD video:

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