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SAMtastic Weekly Tip: 5/15/17 - How do you deal with robocalls?

How do you deal with robocalls?

Those annoying automated calls used to arrive only on landlines. Now they arrive on cell phones—even unlisted and protected numbers. SAM teams always look for ways to limit interruptions to their work. One simple way to decrease robocalls is to register your number on the Do Not Call List. This federal service is free and easy to

use. Click the link, list up to three telephone numbers and give an email address. You will get a email back to activate protection. Be sure to register your cell and school office numbers.

The best way to avoid robocalls is not to answer numbers you don’t recognize. You can tell your smartphone which numbers to allow—all others will go directly to voicemail. Go to the privacy settings in your phone’s utilities.

A New York Times article last week reviewed apps designed to give even more protection:

On a related topic, the worldwide ransomware attack is a good time to review your protection. Your school/district IT gurus likely have you covered. There are things you can do to increase your tech security and safety. Here’s two stories worth reading:

From the United Kingdom’s TheTelegrah:

From the United States’ Wall Street Journal:

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