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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 5/30/17 - 10 TimeTrack Tips!

We have ten tips for the last week in May. Take a few minutes to read through and select the ones you want to do. This will help you get your TimeTrack ready for the next school year and benefit from the great work you did this year.

1) Update Individuals and groups: Take a moment to consider staff members who are leaving. TimeTrack allows you to deactivate individuals while still preserving their

data. TimeTrack also allows you to add new staff. For a short video on how to do this, CLICK HERE:

2) Update Calendar Access: Review who has access to your calendar. Remember, deactivating an individual from your staff list DOES NOT remove any access they may have to your calendar. Also, consider who else could benefit from access. How about teacher leaders? Counselors? Department Heads? In many SAM schools the leader gives access to other so they can better support the leader’s work. Just click “TimeTrack”, choose “User”, and then choose “Calendar Access”. Just click “Remove” to disable a user’s access. For a short video on how to do this, CLICK HERE:

3) Set Contact Days for the Upcoming Year: Make sure your summer days are set to non­contact. This will ensure that TimeTrack has all of the information it needs to keep your percentages accurate. Take a look at the calendar for the upcoming school year, and set your vacation and holidays. Just click “TimeTrack”, choose “Settings”, and then choose “Contact Days Setup”. Choose the days you will be in the building, then click “Set”. For a short video on how to do this, CLICK HERE:

4) Review Target Descriptors and Optional Descriptors: TimeTrack allows you to select the descriptors that you’d like to give the most attention. As you reflect on the past year decide which descriptors you want to increase your time doing in the coming year. If there are additional areas you’d like to track, create optional descriptors. For a short video on how to do this click here:

separate upgrades, or releases, since 2012 with a wide variety of options we could only dream of when we started. A new mobile upgrade for TimeTrack will be released this summer as well as a new upgrade for the desktop/tablet versions. A new feature, Connected Events, will be released in September. This will allow automated scheduling of the required pieces of formal evaluation: pre-conference, observation, evaluation preparation and post-conference. Are you currently using Birthday Reminders, Calendar Feed and NoteTrack? If not, use the links below:

1. Birthday Reminders -

2. Calendar Feed -

3. NoteTrack -

4. Pre-Set Time Blocks -

6) Review FirstResponders for the Upcoming Year: Review your First Responder list and ensure that all of your areas are still covered. Are there new staff who will need to be trained?

Add them to your TimeTrack. Do you have new office staff who need to be trained in using First Responders and the Communications Protocol? If so, add this to your TimeTrack.

7) Review your Monthly Goals for Next Year: Do you have a goal set for each month for the coming school year? Your coach can provide valuable feedback, and will help you get to where you feel comfortable. Just click “TimeTrack”, choose “User”, and then choose “Monthly Goal % Setup”

8) Download the TimeTrack Mobile App: Be sure to make the TimeTrack App available to others in the school. Many custodians, for example, have the principal’s TimeTrack in read-only form on their smartphones. This way they can help the principal stay on track all day.

“Excuse me Principal Ellen. Aren’t you scheduled to observe in Mrs. Steven’s room? Can I walk you there? Follow the links below to download the app to your phone and/or the smart phones of other staff members the leader approves. Remember, the principal must give access from his/her TimeTrack for the app to work for others.

1. iOS App Link -

2. Android Link -

3. Short video about the features of the mobile app, CLICK HERE:

9) Review the TimeTrack “Info” menu and There are a lot more resources available to you on our website. Click the TimeTrack logo, upper left, and select “Info. The website will keep you informed of upcoming NSIP events and has an extensive archive of SAMtastic Weekly Tips, HD presentations from past conferences and other video and print resources. You can see for yourself at HTTP://WWW.SAMsConnect.COM

10) Reflect on the Past School Year: Time Change Coaches have created great tools to help you take stock of the past great year and consider ways to make the next even better. You can find these tools by following the links below:

1. Instructional Leadership Plan -

2. SAM Goal Template -

3. Reflection Guide -

Special thanks to Time Change Coaches Debbie Daniels, Carol Merritt, Rick Delagardelle, and Deb Sykes who provided help with this special SAMtastic Weekly Tip.

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